Our feeding systems offer
more convenience.

  • Well thought-out system

    The straw simply needs to be fed into the box as round or square bales. The fully automatic system does all the rest: the straw is cut into smaller pieces using the well-engineered milling system and is transported to the Flypit on a conveyor belt. Via rails on the barn’s ceiling, the Flypit reaches every corner of the barn, where the cut straw is scattered several times per day.

  • For the welfare of the animals

    The Flypit provides regular bedding, tailored to the animals’ needs, in the individual boxes for dry lying areas and improved hygiene in the boxes. This improves the health of animals in the stable in the long term.

  • User-friendly control

    The COCO control system from Wasserbauer makes it easy to program and operate the Flypit. Another feature is the unique status display with colour LED lights which allows the farmer to see at a glance whether everything is functioning properly. Remote control of the system by the specialists at Wasserbauer is possible on request.

  • What the Flypit offers

    –    High-tech solution with special dosing unit
    –    Easy to retrofit in any barn
    –    Flypit capacity 2000 litres
    –    Operating voltage 24 V, battery operation 2 x 105 Ah,       
          maintenance-free batteries
    –    Fresh bedding can be spread in each bay several times per day
    –    Dimensions 2682 x 1454 x 1783 mm

  • Advantages for you

    - Fresh straw several times per day – For optimal animal welfare     
    - Dry lying surfaces and improved hygiene in the boxes
    - Cut straw, perfect for the animals‘ needs
    - Greater flexibility on the farm, greater time savings
    - Reduced costs for spreading of bedding material thanks to adjustable straw quantity
    - Significantly reduced workload
    - Reduced dust exposure
    - Status LED display
    - User-friendly system with Touch PC