Our feeding systems are
more natural.


    The useful self-driver

    The RailRunner moves independently through the stable suspended on a rail. It can even be used in double-row stables or in multiple stables. It regularly spreads small quantities of concentrated feed onto the basic feed, encouraging the goats and sheep to consume more basic feed. The optimal amount and mixture of concentrated feed is dosed according to the basic feed.



    For the welfare of the animals

    The animals consume more feed, which they utilize in milk. The frequent little nibbles are healthier for the goats and sheep, and reflect their natural feeding behaviour. The selection of feed is also reduced.



    RailRunner - Concentrate supply

    The RailRunner can automatically dispense up to 2 types of concentrated feed. The high-performance drive easily handles inclines and tight bends.


  • Advantages for you

    - Increased milk output
    - Increased daily weigh gains in fattening
    - Encourages natural feeding behaviour
    - Improved animal health and reduced veterinary costs
    - Significantly reduced workload and enormous time savings
    - Installation possible in any stable
    - Practical battery operation