Drinking troughs
for lambs

Our feeding systems offer more head starts.

  • One for all

    With just one device, you can reliably supply up to 240 lambs – 20 to 30 young animals per suction point. The automatic feeders are very robust and can be precisely tailored to the individual requirements of your young animals – thanks in part to the variable teat position. The semi-automatic blender cleaning is efficient and easy to carry out.

  • Simple and safe

    The compact control system is very easy to operate, thanks to the clearly arranged function menu. A portion counter regulates the feed quantity. The boiler with temperature sensor, electronic heating control and minimum temperature sensor ensures the correct feed temperature.

    Rearing the little ones is very important to us!


    Compact, easy-to-operate control system



    Height-adjustable front panel and variable teat position



    A fine-meshed fly screen is available as a useful accessory.