Our automatic systems offer
more relaxation.


    Less stress

    You save time every day – 15 minutes per milking process with 200 to 300 goats or sheep, so 30 minutes per day. And the milking work can be done entirely alone.

  • With remote control

    Thanks to remote control, you can control the Driver from wherever you want – even from the milking parlour. The chains are unrolled using your handheld transmitter and light current pulses emitted to it. If the Driver is in motion, an acoustic signal announces its approach to the animals. The animals move independently to the milking parlour or into a rotary milking parlour.


    With battery operation 

    Once the task is completed, the Driver returns to its parking position, where the gel battery is automatically charged. Battery operation means there is no need for trailing cables, saving you money and effort.


  • Advantages for you

    - Calm animals mean higher milk yields
    - Reduced workload for the “new freedom” in goat and sheep farming
    - No trouble with unwilling animals
    - Reduces wait times for milking
    - Increased safety
    - Convenient remote control – no electrical installation work
    - Maintenance-free
    - Easy to install

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