Our feeding systems
offer greater yields.

  • MixMeister

    Up to 3 m³ of feed are perfectly cut and mixed up in the MixMeister. According to the tailored programming, it can also travel through multiple stables in order to lay down the ideal rations for the animals multiple times – in accordance with natural feeding behaviour. The rations are tailored to different performance groups.

  • Basic and concentrated feed

    The basic feed boxes (FrischMixBoxes) are filled with hay, straw, silo blocks or silo bales. The silage is transported over the scraper floor for feeding. The feed reaches the Mix- Meister directly from the FrischMixBoxes or via a conveyor belt.

    An innovative weighing system ensures the necessary precision and multiple basic feed boxes allow a wide variety of formulae. For draff, beets or pulp, multi-purpose boxes are used with a screw conveyor.

    The MixMeister is designed for any number of types of concentrated feed and mineral nutrients, as well as liquid feeds. Automatic filling augers convey these from indoor and outdoor silos to the MixMeister. This allows you to create your own customised formulae for your performance groups.


    Feed á la carte

    Based on your formulae, the required feed is milled off and transported over a conveyor belt to the MixMeister.


    Perfect mixing

    Everything is cut perfectly and mixed with the desired concentrate and mineral nutrient components.


    Automatic feeding

    The MixMeister travels to the feeding table, where it supplies the individual groups


    Clean work

    The MixMeister carries out its “Butler” function several times a day – carrying feed that has been pushed away back to the bars and mixing it with concentrated feed to serve as bait feed.


    Easy to install

    The entire weight of the MixMeister is carried by two wheels, served only by a guide rail along the feeding fence. The light design is inexpensive and easy to install.


    Homogenous mixing

    Control of the speed during cutting and mixing guarantees the best possible feed quality. Regardless of whether the basic feed is damp, dry, long or short, the mixing is very homogenous.



    The free-fall system of the vertical mixer is very economical. Small quantities and short mixing times ensure low energy consumption and low wear and tear. You save by not needing a tractor and mixing vehicle, as well as saving on fuel and work time.


    40 performance groups and formulae

    The variety of basic and concentrated feeds enables individual mixtures – always consistent and at the usual time for up to 40 performance groups.


    Simply intelligent

    The controls are easy to operate and protected against dust and spray water in a robust casing. COCO also works in the MixMeister – make the most of the convenience of our Cow Control system


    Benefits for you

    • Fully automatic feeding robots, which have been in use successfully
      for more than 10 years
    • Valuable time savings
    • Significantly reduced workload
    • More flexibility on the farm
    • Increased animal wellbeing
    • Very good feed availability around the clock
    • Higher intake of basic and concentrated feed
    • Increases the milk yield and fattening of your herd